'Handpan & Fluentbody' Retreat - July/August 2024

30th July - 4th August 2024!

Join this beautiful immersive workshop - combining the transformative power of handpan music & movement.

I will guide you to play handpan music from your heart, led by emotions&intuition and supported by your body.

The wonderful Jette Schwarz will lead you on a journey to your inner self when you explore the natural movements of your body. 

The Hard Facts

Date: Tuesday 30th July 5pm - Sunday 4th August 1pm, 2024
Place: Neu Darchau - 'Seminarhaus Sophia', Northern Germany
Language: English

Cost: 1250 to 750€, normal price 990€ 
including Accommodation & Food & Workshop Fee & Rental Handpan
5 nights, 5 days

!all levels welcome!
handpan can be provided, if needed

The Details


Alexander Mercks

Handpan is my passion - but above that, it's music. Through music I learn to paint my emotions on the canvas of this world. I'm allowed to dive deeper and deeper into the world of music in order to paint and express an even more precise picture of what I can't find the words for.

I want to support you to give a voice to your inner self. I will show you how to transform your emotions into handpan sounds and music, how to feel yourself better and how to connect more deeply with yourself and your surroundings.

I will be teaching you techniques that give you direct access to the handpan in a very pragmatic way.
I'll offer you general and individual tips on how you can refine your play so that you can gradually take advantage of all the colorful possibilities of the handpan.
On the one hand, the focus is on improvised music-making, your emotions and, of course, the joy of playing.
On the other hand, I will also provide you with many practical tips and a little theoretical knowledge.

Why Handpan and Fluent Body?

When we talked about our visions of what we each do, we realized that we are pretty much doing the same thing with different tools.

Our shared mission is to enable people to feel and accept themselves as they are.
We want to create connection in sound, movement and souls.

The place

Located in the North of Germany - somewhere between Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover, lies this almost forgotten village that consists just of few houses that tell stories from ancient times. Just few footsteps away you can walk along the Elbe river and you are sure to meet more animals than people. The house itself is very spacious yet cosy, offering us one big seminar room and another one which is even bigger where we will be able to move freely and explore our bodies.

You will be sharing a room with one to three other people. Optionally you can also sleep in your camper van or bring a tent to sleep in the beautiful natural garden.

The Food

Money Money Money

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